Planning & Strategizing Growth Development


Your business plan package that specifically takes into account your personal needs and aspirations.

This program will put you back in control, back in the pilot seat, steering you towards your predetermined goals.

Very simple step by step process that culminates in a business plan, strategic action plans with the performance management tools to ensure achievement of your goals.


Do you know where your business will be in 1, 2, 3 years and beyond?

Do you have an understanding of:

Your Mission and Purpose?

Your Market Place?

Your Key performance indicators?

Your Business Core Functions?

Your Daily Activity Performance Tasks?

Your Cash Flow Budget?

Whether you are heading towards Your Desired Results?

Your process of Staff Appraisals?


Some of The Benefits

You will have your own plan written by yourself for your own reasons!

Hence, you will have ownership, meaning and purpose!

Results are a culmination of behaviour!

Hence, control the behaviour to get your desired results!

You will be aware of what is actually being done in your business!

You will have job descriptions!

You will be able to conduct meaningful performance appraisals!

You will be better able to determine training needs!

Work culture will be much more productive!

Staff will be working towards a common purpose!

You will know where your business is headed!

You will be back in the pilot seat!!

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Business service covers many aspects that are required for business success. A combination of these services enable a business to maximise their results. Our business process involves conducting an analysis of the business to determine what changes or support the business needs to achieve its goals.

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Assisting business growth and reducing failures – Stabilising the Business  Community

Business Minding

Many business owners are tied to their business and do not take a much deserved break with their families or loved ones.

We provide a service of relief management enabling you to have that much needed break.

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Our training courses cover many topics and are tailored to your business needs. We are Certificate IV Trainer and Assessor qualified. Once we determine the need we discuss with you the content and implementation process.

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Business Support Programmes

All of our programs form part of our consulting process. they can also be used individually. Read More HERE

Developing A Profit Strategy

This program enables you to determine the percentage increases need to turn your business into the profit levels you require.

Business Health Check

The business health check is a series of questions grouped into the various sections of your business and business life. The answers to the question proved a graphical report highlighting the areas of strengths and weakness which in turn assist in providing the direction needed for change. It is easy to allow an overall view to lead us to ignoring the poor areas of our business. if we continue to ignore them they become significant in their impact.

Staff appraisal

This is a series of question by group that allow you to pin point in conjunction with your staff member as to the area that needs development. It removes the emotion from the discussion and focusses on the issues not the person, hence, becomes more productive.

Action Planning Management

Many people know what needs to be done, however, allow the day to run away with their time and focus. In our business life we can easily get taken away from the task at hand to address the issues that crop up in business. The action plan management tool allows us to remain focusses in the activity.

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