iDo you have a clearly defined Management guide for your business ?

Our program prepares business owners to develop  the skill  to write their business plan and rewrite it as needed. People who are self employed are mostly very skilful at their chosen profession. However, they sometimes lack direction for a variety of reasons causing many to never reach the success that their skill would allow. Your business is a vehicle to achieving your desired lifestyle!

Our program will give you the tools to be back in control by actually knowing what is  happening in your business.

Providing learning in a hands on environment,  the program is tailored to your specific needs. You are developing a management tool to ensure that your business processes are being implemented and reinforced.

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Your Complete Business Guide – Mapping Your Business

PURPOSE   To prepare and assist business owners to write their own business plan.

OBJECTIVES You will have developed a written business plan with daily action plans that will provide a document on which to focus to enable achievement of your goals.

You or your team will be able to define the goals and the specific actions required for their subsequent achievement. Participants will develop an understanding that will enable them to review and prepare annual objectives and action plans that will provide a guide for them to successfully manage the business towards achieving it’s aims. This will provide the controls and mechanism to ensure the daily actions and time management are in line with their desires.

This Package will put you back in control, back in the pilot seat, steering you towards your predetermined goals.


David Graham